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Sanaa & Daniel

Once upon a time, through the aviation business, an American guy based in Florida met a lady representing the United Kingdom’s office. After getting to know each other in the company’s offices in Florida, a friendship started rather quickly between them.

By pure coincidence, the relationship took a turn when Daniel’s career progressed into an international position. Soon after, he took the decision to leave friends, family and America so he could conquer the heart of the beautiful Sanaa.

He dedicated his life to her. And it worked. Sanaa and Daniel now work in the aviation industry with different companies. Both are frequent travelers now united in life sharing their love for each other in their new home in London, UK.

HelloWeddings & Events Group is probably one of the only few foreign companies that run events and wedding planning services in Morocco. We came across them in Social Media and eventually we became acquainted with our wedding planner Heloise. She really saved us from a very difficult situation from our previous venue we had chosen and unfortunately faced difficult circumstances with and rescued us into a professional service instead when we contracted her in. Hello Weddings & Events Group was a fantastic source of information with events and new venues for Marrakesh and we trusted Heloise instantly in planning our wedding. She was able to arrange not only our complete 3-day wedding but also excursions and entertainment for our wedding guests which we catered for in our agenda. She has an eye for detail and the best service we received was most certainly the decor and the picturesque dream we wanted for our elegant yet bohemian style wedding. We were descriptive in our theme which she met extremely accurately which was difficult to complete! Also Marrakesh is not known for timekeeping so if you are planning your wedding in Africa, ensure that this is met with expectations with your guests and plan in advance. In all, they were extremely attentive and we had our dream wedding, which at the end of it all all, was all we wished for. It was beautiful, thank you Hello Weddings and Events!

Sanaa & Daniel

The Wedding Preparation

The inspiration began with the bride. She was clear about her husband-to-be and their friends coming to have fun in Morocco. But being a true brit, born and bred, having a multicultural bohemian wedding with a touch of Moroccan tradition to represent her origins, was important to her and also intriguing to her American groom. We designed a wedding to fit a Moroccan Bohemian theme.

We went for a Boho glam ceremony with beautiful cream voile draping fabric in front of the arch, a white voile with embroidered details at the back of the wooden arch, and cotton macramé drapes on the sides. Dynamic Dream catchers, floating Moroccan white ball suspensions, over-sized clay pots holding Pampas grass with prominent floral compositions are only some of the decorations that create a dreamy romantic atmosphere.

It totally fits the 2020 wedding trend for ceremony settings, with our own little tailored touches to reflect the couples love story. The front garden of the villa was converted in a red Moroccan setting, with a large low wooden table in the middle, cushions and poufs arranged to create a comfortable Berber seating area for the guests during the after ceremony cocktail. We had a real little monkey that joined the party, camels as a backdrop and a great live saxophonist. Africa vibe at its best!

The Wedding…

The reception’s colour palette was gold and green set in, and upon wood trim. An oak table was designed with gold napoleon chairs, copper gold underplates, candlesticks with cream and green candles and neverending floral centerpieces cascading to the floor from each table. A fairy-light canopy watched over the guests, providing the sense of a thousand stars, whilst a sea of gold lanterns lit illuminated the garden.

A fairy belly dance show, fire blowers and live singers entertained all before a DJ took over and encouraged some great moves until the early hours.

The bride and groom obviously ended up being ceremoniously lobbed into the pool at the end of the night!