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Hello Weddings and Events

Devotion and creativity fuse, while meticulously creating your magic!


The Story of Héloïse's undying passion

Our founder, Héloïse Agelou, is a passionate dreamer and believer in love and the power it has of bringing people together. She has years of experience in crafting the stories of couples in the most effective and beautiful way possible.

Héloïse’s story starts with her passion for racehorses and her career as a professional jockey in the south of France. Participating in equestrian events, she went on to organize charity events in London. Deeply inspired by horse riding, the world of horses has taught Heloise to tackle obstacles with bravery and left her believing that no barrier is ever too high. 

Ever since childhood, Héloïse had dreamed of fairytale weddings, rebellious princesses in sparkling gowns, and was drawn by wedding guests dressed in tails and top hats and bridesmaids perched on high heels. One of the most important meetings of her professional life includes a chance encounter with a lady who came to one of her events and asked her to organize her silver wedding. Her undying love for her partner taught Héloïse that love, having no limits, pushes us to our greatest capabilities. That is how she was launched into the glamorous world of wedding planning and it marked the beginning of her distinguished career as a wedding planner. Since then, she has been inspired by each couple and their unique story. Seeing each wedding as a blank canvas where dreams come to life, Héloïse dedicated her life to telling each couple’s love story with zest and beauty.



Founder & Creative Director, Héloïse wields a discerning eye for details.

Her strength lies in understanding her clients, each couple inspires her to meticulously craft unique concepts that represent their unique fairytale moment.



In the role of project director, Steph showcases a unique knack for balancing budgets.

Her main asset lies in maintaining seamless communication with the team while expertly aligning to the production needs and process, making strategic decisions that elevate the technicalities of each event.



Known as the shopping queen, Titima boasts an extensive network of esteemed vendors and artisans in Morocco.

Her expertise lies in curating decorations and selecting furniture that perfectly aligns with the event’s concept and ambiance.




An important figure in the field, Soufiane thrives on hands-on management and intelligent oversight.

His strength lies in overseeing setup teams and ensuring meticulous adherence to the planned concept, ensuring flawless execution.



Efficiency oriented, Mehdi diligently manages inventory and cares for the event’s furniture.

He excels in organizing the concept’s elements, effectively coordinating and passing on crucial information to the entire team.


Hello Weddings and Events team


Hello Weddings and Events started with a shared passion for love, culture, and the captivating allure of Marrakech and London, which led us to become a destination wedding planner and a worldwide event planning authority.

Born from this vision, Hello Weddings & Events represents a dynamic blend of talents, an expert team driven by the desire to turn dreams into reality. With a truthful commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the industry, we create bespoke experiences that reflect the unique aspirations and personalities of our clients.

The art of unforgettable moments

Hello Weddings & Events' Unique Approach

Elevating your experience through a seamless blend of vision and professionalism.

Our women-powered agency symbolizes strength, creativity, and dedication, which are the cornerstones of our success. We’ve been featured in numerous international wedding blogs and magazines, earning global recognition for our innovative concepts and exceptional service.

At Hello Weddings & Events, we’re not just planners; we’re dream weavers, crafting unforgettable moments that transcend borders and expectations, making your dreams come true, one extraordinary event at a time.

Hello Weddings & Events

Feature and Awards

Creative Concepts

Creative Concepts

We look for individuals who have a genuine passion for decor, design and a desire to create memorable experiences for our guests.

Detail oriented

Detail oriented

Meticulous attention to detail ensures that nothing is overlooked, from event planning to guest services.

Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural Sensitivity

Given our diverse clientele, cultural sensitivity and an understanding of different customs and traditions are highly valued.



Collaboration is key in our establishment. We seek individuals who work well within a team, fostering a harmonious and cooperative culture.