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A Modern Indian Fairytale

Once upon a time, a glamorous independent London girl was out with her friends after a long week at the famous Bougie club in South Kensington. Before long, she noticed a striking man looking over at her from across the room. They locked eyes a few times, and finally, she plucked up the courage to approach him and introduce herself. Their undeniable chemistry led them to arrange a date in the coming days.

The gentleman (wary of previous dating disasters) set a time limit for their first date. He politely announced as he arrived that he had made prior “commitments” and could only stay for 30 minutes … She nodded and laughed as she  had a friend on standby to call her with an “emergency” in case he showed any alarming signs. Fortuitously for both of them, they hit it off and ended up chatting for hours.

After the date, he asked if he could walk her home. She gladly accepted and soon enough it dawned on them that as fate would have it, they lived across the road from each other! They both giggled like schoolchildren at the unlikelihood of it… of all the streets in all the towns and all the boroughs of London… they had been living right under each other’s noses.

That charming first date in London was the first chapter of their story that only got more exhilarating as the years went on. They took breaks from their busy lives and got to experience many memorable destinations and cultures together. When the time came, their shared love of travel led them to decide on a modern Indian destination wedding here in Marrakesh. We were blessed to have this lovely couple call upon us to be a small part of their modern Indian fairytale. We spent time with them and got to know their tastes and vision so we could plan their exclusive wedding. We then got to work and pulled on all our resources to bring that to life!

Heloise & Hello Weddings & Events- Your efforts in organising our wedding manifested into memories we will cherish for a lifetime. People may remember how stunning the decor was on the day , or how this was perhaps this was the most ‘on schedule’ Indian wedding there will ever be - but we won’t forget all the effort , attention to detail and sheer commitment that occurred behind the scenes to make it come to life. Heloise - you showed us, from day 1, how professionalism and passion can go hand in hand. On some days you played chief vendor negotiator , on others you became an extension of the family , reassuring everyone that it was all being taken care. On the wedding day , you were an absolute gem. You took every ounce of stress away from us , shielding the bride from everything to let her have her moment. And what a moment it was 🙂 You brought our vision to life in the most beautiful and elegant way. You took the time to understand and appreciate our culture , but more importantly provided a breath of fresh air and perspective to ensure that love , happiness and positivity was front and center of our wedding. What sets you apart is that you care - You empathised with us as a couple and believed there was magic in our story. It was only a quick email exchange that led to all this , but I’m so glad we found you. From the bottom of our hearts , thank you

The bride & the groom

The Wedding Preparation

The bride wanted the decor for the wedding to be: refined, elegant, and chic – ‘less is more’ to reflect them both as individuals and as a couple.

We started the weekend with a Welcome Party called Souk day. We brought the famous Medina of Marrakesh to the prestigious Oberoi Hotel so that every guest felt like they were right in the infamous souks- (without the local salesmen and haggling!)  

This was followed by The Haldi the next day with traditional Turmeric as the star of the show. We styled every flower, petal and fruit elegantly with this vibrant colour palette to help bring this tradition to life.

Later that day, we organised The Baraat. A vow ceremony. The groom, dressed as a prince on a glorious white camel waved and laughed with his loved ones until the bride’s unforgettable entrance. This very intimate and private moment  a picture in itself.

We then designed the set-up for the ceremony, We used Pampas and Baby’s breath as the main floral element. This created a soft, airy one-of-a-kind decor.  The arrangement posed perfectly on the water with the alignment of wooden chairs. The reception kept the same theme on the patio with a reproduction of the Moulay Youssef famous school and very detailed artisan work on the walls which made the dinner ever so special. 

The last day was The Sanjeet, we organised it in the desert under a sky full of stars. The dances of the families and friends were spectacular, truly vibrant and colourful. Dancers and flame throwers adding to the entertainment.  No words can describe the bride’s dance in her beautiful red dress- a true depiction of elegance. Luckily the stunning photos can try. 

The dunes were full of candles to make it look like the stars had fallen from the sky… An unforgettable evening, forever treasured. 

All in all, this wedding was a true fairytale. The love that the couple have for one another was felt in every detail, smile, laughter and tear shed. We are forever thankful they trusted us in helping to make their dream a reality and know they will continue to live their own happily ever after.