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Person using a wax seal stamp to close a wedding invitation.

Tips for Choosing a Date For an Event

The process of choosing a date for an event can be difficult at times, as it can highly affect several aspects of the gathering. This creates extra pressure over that decision, especially when there are special guests’ availability to be taken into account.

On top of that, events are not just about what will happen during it; they're also heavily influenced by when they take place. Finding the right moment involves a delicate balance of considerations. This expert’s guide aims to provide you with the path to making the right decision.

What changes depending on the date and time chosen?

There are two key aspects that will be influenced by this choice: number of attendees and atmosphere.

Morning events might attract a different crowd than evening affairs, for example. Additionally, for birthdays and weddings, it is highly recommended to disregard business days as this will allow your guests to join your event and truly enjoy the celebration without being concerned about the day after.

With regard to the atmosphere, consider how specific moments of the day convey different aesthetics. A brunch gathering may evoke a casual and convivial vibe, perfect for leisurely conversations and bonding over food and drinks. In contrast, a late-night affair may create a sense of excitement and intimacy. Therefore, for certain events, some hours or dates may not make sense due to the vibrations these naturally prompt.

Picture of a newly married couple dancing while surrounded by happy friends and family members at night.
Events at nighttime tend to have a more fun and casual aura.

Additionally, the time and date chosen may affect the availability of renowned venues and catering services. Certain wedding venues, for example, may be fully booked for months and demand the bride and groom to wait a little longer to see their dream ceremony come true.

What to consider when choosing a date for an event

To assertively choose a date for an event, as mentioned in our Event Planning Guide, it is important to establish the goals of the event beforehand. In other words, you should define what are the feelings and actions your event should prompt in your guests, and this should be the compass to the decisions you will make with your event or wedding planner.

Besides your event goals, there are some things everyone should consider when choosing a date for an event. Us at Hello Weddings & Events have selected 5 that should be taken in mind by any event host or planner at all times.

1) Be attentive to seasonality

Holidays, work and school calendars, and even weather are seasonal aspects that can affect the amount of attendees who will join you at the occasion. Therefore, it is very important to take your time to research about happenings that will take place close to or on the date of your event.

2) Avoid dates that are close to other relevant events

Every year there are many festivals, conventions, seminars, parties and weddings happening, just to list a few possibilities. Choosing to host an event on a date that will conflict with events that evoke the interest of your target audience is risky and will tend to make your attendee levels smaller.

3) Venue availability

As mentioned previously, if you dream of a certain venue, consider asking their availability before establishing a date. Famous venues can be fully booked for many months, even years. If you dream of doing the reservation of certain services or places, you or your event planner can contact those to understand their availability before setting the official date.

4) Traffic and travel details

If the venue chosen is in a very crowded part of the city or if it will require your guests to travel in order to participate in the occasion, it might be of your best interest to choose dates and times when driving or travelling will be calmer. Facing heavy traffic before an event can harm the mood even of the most positive guests.

5) Consider seeking feedback from key invitees before defining the date

If there are certain people you need to join the event for any reasons, consider asking them if the date you are planning to choose will work for them as well. This will help you steer away from negative surprises and will ensure your key guests’ presence.

Optional: take a moment to research about superstitions

In case you are a superstitious person, this is also the right moment to do some research. Weddings and birthdays, particularly, are surrounded by many popular beliefs, and it is up to you to decide whether to consider those or not. However, if these are not for you, it is totally fine as well. As the host of the event, you have the final say.

The items above will help you find a date for an event and get closer to the event of your dreams. Make sure the date chosen complies with your goals, and consider aspects such as seasonality to ensure your guests’ availability and your satisfaction towards the occasion.

We at Hello Weddings & Events are experienced event planners ready to support you with choosing a date for an event, among other aspects, to make this occasion an unforgettable moment. Book an appointment to start planning your dream event in London or Morocco.

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