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Khaoula & Florent

Once upon a time in the city of love,a dynamic Moroccan lady was out at a classy bar. She was quite literally letting her long, dark, curly hair down, while dancing with her friends. Meanwhile a French gentleman was standing at the bar of the same venue. He noticed the woman and thought to himself that she had the most gorgeous smile he’d ever seen. He casually walked up to her and asked if he could have the next dance, she laughed and nodded up at him… The beginning of their first chapter as a couple began with that dance under the Parisien sky..

The Wedding Preparation

The couple wanted to blend their respective cultures into the wedding.They opted for a boho-chic theme at the Olive Grove in Marrakech. Their priority was to unite all their friends and family “A la bonne franquette” whilst incorporating their favourite Moroccan traditions. We went for a very simple and tasteful table setting. We decorated the wooden tables with earthy tones, ring shaped stoneware vases filled with  pampas grass and simple sprigs of lavender for a touch of the grooms South of France origins.The candles carefully set all along the walls around the tables added a pinch of magic to their setting and created the most spectacular setting for their intimate and touching ceremony.

The bride dressed in a gorgeous embroidered, embellished white kaftan coupled with splended jewels and the groom in his classic suave brown suit. They were both carried in a green amaria, (green symbolising good luck)  The groom’s favourite smile was plastered all over his new bride’s face the entire day and night . Their guests sang and delivered heartfelt speeches. The laughs could be heard from afar. Later in the evening, the percussionists and DJ carried the newlyweds and their guests into the night with amazing beats and music. Just as they started their love story, The beginning of their first chapter as newlyweds began with that  first dance under the stars of Marrakesh.