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Picture of a large room with rows of white wooden chairs for guests. The place is mostly decorated with green plants.

How to Make an Event Unique?

The answer to the question “how to make an event unique?” is much more subjective than objective. It is deeply crossed by preferences, contexts and narratives, aspects with infinite combinations that are largely influenced by the experiences of each person, including the hosts.

That said, the perception of what will make your event unique will vary considering your target audience and your goals. (If you still don't know what the objective of your event is, find out about its importance and how to determine it in our event planning guide).

In this quick guide, we will explore all the aspects that can be transformed so that your event carves out a positive and lasting space in the minds of your guests.

Reasons why people aim to do unique events

Events, regardless of type, typically represent some milestone. Many of these are full of emotion and personality, such as weddings and birthdays. Therefore, it is common to want them to leave a lasting mark on the lives of attendees.

This is precisely why creating a unique event is so important. After all, for it to be remembered, the occasion must have authentic aspects that differentiate it from other events of the same type.

What aspects can make a unique event

In the journey of building a unique event, the sky's the limit. However, to introduce you to this universe, we considered our previous experience in event planning to list 11 pillars that can be improved to build the desired feeling of authenticity. These were separated into three moments: pre-event, during the event and post-event.


  • Invitations: Unique event aspects can be created even before the occasion itself. An invitation with an authentic or customised message for the guest, or even one produced using materials that provide a different sensory experience, will prepare your guest to experience something unique from day 0.

  • Storytelling: Any event can be constructed to tell a story in its details. Establishing storytelling alongside your trusted event planner will help build a cohesive result; a celebration with a narrative built from the RSVP to the post-event.

During the event

  • Venue: London and Morocco are full of charming venues suitable for the most diverse formats of events and personal styles. You can choose according to the landscape that surrounds you, if you want a predominantly outdoor event.
    Or, if you prefer an event that is less susceptible to the weather, you can opt for a location with striking and non-routine architecture, such as Gothic or Mediterranean, to give two examples.

  • Catering: A catering service that provides food and drinks suited to the occasion and accommodates the most diverse dietary styles and restrictions rarely goes unnoticed.
    To complement this aspect, it is possible to opt for unusual culinary aspects, such as molecular gastronomy, or dishes from a very specific region, which will present new and flavours to guests.

  • Decoration: The visual aspects of an event are usually the first to be noticed by guests. Therefore, an easy answer to the question “how to make an event unique?” is to opt for a unique composition of elements.
    Remember, every physical element at your party is part of the ambiance. Therefore, plants, lighting, presentation of dishes and even silverware will contribute to the visual aspect. You can add unusual touches to any of these items to bring out the uniqueness of your event.

  • Attractions: Instead of playing by the rule, considering only what is usual for the type of event you want to provide, you can bet on one or two unexpected attractions to keep guests engaged and impressed with the occasion.
    Musical or circus performances, dancers and pyrotechnics are possible alternatives that, if visually or aurally impressive, will give your guests a time to remember.

  • Personalization for guests: The authenticity of the event can be also built from small details. For your most important guests (or even all of them, if desired), you can opt for customised invitations, embroidered napkins, reception letters, special gift kits, and more.
    The important thing is to show your key attendees how much you appreciate their presence — this will certainly leave a lasting impression.

  • Event schedule: Even if it is only known to the hosts and organisers, the event must follow a schedule so that it goes as expected. Among this program, it is possible to include unforgettable moments, such as toasts, dedications, quick games, prize draws and surprising attractions, as previously mentioned.
    A well-thought-out schedule will prevent guests from becoming bored, ensuring their engagement and mindfulness on the occasion.

  • Interactive elements: While there are breaks in the event programme, guests will certainly wander around the venue. For this reason, it is interesting to include stands with interactive elements so that they have alternatives to enjoy the occasion at every step.
    Some alternatives are: photo booths, high-speed cameras, iPads with information, videos or mini-games, a section with makeup artists and hairdressers to help guests maintain their appearance, among others.

  • Nostalgic elements: The feeling of nostalgia is powerful and can certainly awaken great emotions in your guests. It can be evoked in different ways, such as period decoration or the inclusion of a family recipe on the menu.
    The important thing is that, in addition to being an element of the past, it is something that awakens affectionate memories in a strategic cut of your guests.


  • Post-event actions: The opportunities for your event to leave a unique impression don't end when guests go home. You can also help build a positive feeling through post-event actions such as sending photos, gifts or personalised messages.

We at the Hello Weddings team hope that this information has helped you demystify how to make an event unique. If you want help from event planners experienced in creating fairytale-worthy events in London and Morocco, get in touch today.

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