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Rusna & Stel

Once upon a time, a handsome Greek guy heard about a beautiful Indian lady. 

After returning to Liverpool from London for a university open day, Stel’s friend Ed (the best man at the wedding) started telling him about “this proper fit bird” he had seen, and proceeded to scroll through Rus’ Facebook pictures. 

Fast forward to the first day of university, Rusna, Stel and Ed were placed in the same accommodation by complete coincidence. There was a welcome party in the common room that evening, and as Rusna didn’t want to walk into the party by herself, she decided to ride the lift up and down until she met someone she could make friends with. You can guess who walked into the lift next…

Rusna claims that she turned around to one of her girl friends during the first week and said “that’s the guy I’m going to marry”… but despite his best efforts during the first few weeks, Stel & Rusna remained just friends. That friendship remained strong for three and a half years, with countless memories from.

At the beginning of 2019, the timing was right and we eventually ended up together. We instantly fell in love and became best friends. The pandemic accelerated things, with Stel spending long periods of lockdown with Rus & her family and eventually moving in permanently. 

On 11th March 2022, Stel and Rusna celebrated their engagement. Stel convinced Rusna to get ready for a fancy dinner in Hakkasan and after a carefully planned detour took her to Fitrovia chapel where flowers, rose petals, candles and John Mayer (playing over the speakers, not in person unfortunately!) greeted them. 

Following the engagement, attention quickly turned to the wedding. We both fell in love with the idea of Marrakech and after visiting the Oberoi, the decision was easy.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding planning experience than what we received from Heloise & the team at Hello Events. We knew from our first meeting that she was the right planner to execute our three-day destination wedding in Marrakech, demonstrating her genuine passion and dedication for her work and clients. The level of organization displayed by Heloise was nothing short of remarkable. Every detail, from the smallest floral arrangement to tradition Sikh and Greek ceremonies, was meticulously executed. The flow of events was seamless, and we felt like we were floating through a fairytale. Her attention to detail was evident in every corner of the venue, creating an atmosphere that truly embodied the love and joy of our union and complimented the existing beauty of the hotel The decor was beyond anything we could have imagined. We love design, and we’re so happy with the overall flow at our wedding, from the color palette, the choice of fabrics, and the intricate table settings. Heloise and her team even took the time to ensure that the decor captured the essence of our love story and family traditions. Heloise and her team only use the best vendors, reflecting her connections and expertise in the industry and Morocco as a whole. From the country’s leading florists, to Morocco’s only white stallion, each vendor exceeded our expectations. However, what truly sets Heloise apart is the way she made us feel throughout the entire process. She managed to strike the perfect balance between professionalism and genuine care. Her reassurance and calm demeanor kept us at ease even during the most stressful moments. It felt like we were collaborating with a close friend who had our best interests at heart. She listened to our ideas, incorporated our vision, and added her magical touch to create something truly extraordinary. Thank you, Heloise, Steph and Tatima, for giving us a fairytale wedding.

Rusna & Stel

The Wedding Preparation

The couple and family hired us to plan an Indian Greek wedding in Marrakech. The goal was to create three experiences with a fusion of both cultures, however keeping the Sihk Indian traditions intact. 

We started on day one with the Sangeet and created a Moroccan Souk theme, colorfully aligned with Indian culture as well as the local inspiration … 

Day 2 was the Anand Karaj to the wedding planner Heloise Agelou; she made it a challenge for it to be her masterpiece of the wedding. She was inspired by purity and the shape of the Oberoi’s entrance as well as the chandelier 

We ended the day with a pool party diner putting together a modern Moroccan feel to the location, the sunset entertainment was the peak of the evening. 

Day 3 the reception diner was inspired the grooms greek origins and his parents villages, one is full of orange trees and the other olive trees so the whole concept was around Oranges and Olives which the masterpiece was the Hermes looking tablecloth handmade by our local artisans. 

The Wedding: The video from the talented Wedding Filmer Vishal Punjabi tells it all. 

Rusna and Stel’s wedding – where Sikhs met Greeks – in a stunning symphony of love, music, and laughter. This was no ordinary ‘I do’; it was a ‘we do’, as our crew became family, united in capturing this wedding! What do Sikhs and Greeks have in common? More than you might think! 

Both share a passion for life, a knack for throwing unforgettable parties, and a deep reverence for family bonds. Oh, and a fondness for a good drink and a spirited dance. One prefers Feta, another swears by Paneer. They may not agree on cheese, but guess what? They both say ‘Yes, please!’ to a Big Fat Wedding. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re sipping Ouzo in Liverpool or Lassi in London. Witness this joyful union of Sikhs and Greeks. A love story so warm, it could melt your Feta… or Paneer, and for sure your heart!