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Post-Event: Making the Memory Linger

Certain events such as birthdays and weddings are naturally unforgettable for hosts due to the importance of what is being celebrated. On the other hand, when it comes to making an event unforgettable for average attendees, it is key to run an extra mile. One of the ways of making an event last longer in their minds are post-event actions.

As these provide experiences that go beyond the duration of an event, post-event actions are powerful tools to make an event memorable, whether corporate or social. This post will explain the importance of the post-event period and share tips on how to make your celebration memorable for your guests.

The importance of post-event actions

The uniqueness of an event is subjective and can be influenced by the preferences and narratives of hosts and guests. Therefore, it is essential to consider the target audience, objective and narrative of the event so that every choice is cohesive.

From customising the invitations to defining the event programme, every step of the planning process will contribute to building an unforgettable outcome. (You can learn more about it in our Event Planning Guide).

Among other aspects of the event, post-event actions can help you leave a positive impression on your guests. Offering printed photos, gifts, messages and souvenirs makes participants feel valued and privileged for having attended your event.

What makes this type of action essential is precisely because it maintains the participants' enthusiasm and ensures that the memory of the event remains alive. Whether at social events (weddings and birthdays) or corporate events, post-event engagement strengthens relationships.

  • Post-event for weddings and other informal events: It makes the event special and memorable, as it extends the magic of the big day and strengthens the emotional bonds between hosts and guests.

  • Post-event actions for corporate events: They consolidate commercial relationships and create new business opportunities. In addition to making the brand remain in the minds of customers, encouraging future interactions.

To keep attendees engaged after the celebration, it is very important to ensure the post-event action chosen is coherent with the overall tone of the occasion. With this in mind, we at Hello Weddings & Events have gathered all our experience as wedding planners and compiled some ideas to help you visualise the possibilities.

Personalised gifts

White cards with an art that combines the couple's initials.
Remarkable events often have a well-defined visual identity, which can be seen even in the smallest details, including post-event presents given to guests.

Providing personalised gifts to attendees is an elegant way to keep your brand or celebration in their memory. High-quality products with the event logo or the couple's initials are usually a good choice.

There are many possibilities. Personalised items like jewellery or unique art pieces are refined and demonstrate to the guest how important they are to the hosts. Alternatively, gifting guests with items that stimulate the senses can provide an emotional connection.

Gifts that offer a sensory experience

The gifts in this category go beyond the material sphere, providing an immersive sensory experience that evokes positive memories and promotes pleasant sensations. Here are some sensory gift suggestions:

  • Sophisticated Foods: Items such as fine chocolates, macaron and baskets with typical foods that bring the exclusive and authentic flavours can be great alternatives. These options can be packaged in elegant boxes decorated with colours and themes that match the decor of your event.

  • Special Drinks: Classic and elegant option, wine or champagne bottles that can be personalised with exclusive labels containing wedding date or event logo, for example. It is important to choose a high quality beverage that will help show your guests how much you care for them. To add extra meaning to this post-event gift, it can be interesting for its choice to be related to the host’s story or personal taste.

  • Scented Candles and Home Spray: Choose scents that evoke the atmosphere of the event, such as flowers used in the decoration or fragrances that remind you of the season in which the event is being held. For example, a lavender-scented candle might remind you of a wedding held in a spring garden, while a cinnamon and spice home spray might remind guests of a winter celebration. It is also possible to create a unique fragrance for your event and gift it to your guests, providing a unique and pleasant olfactory sensory experience.

  • Spa Kit: Created with the purpose of providing your event attendee with a spa-like experience at home, one of these may contain cotton face towels embroidered with their initials, handmade soaps and bath salts with aromas and spices from the event location. This will transport the person to a relaxing moment accompanied by the memory of the celebration of the event.

“Thank you” message

It may seem a more simplistic post-event action, but sending a “Thank You” message to your guests brings a personal touch that shows consideration and special affection.

This simple gesture can be done through a customised email or thank you card addressed to each attendee. This will reinforce that their presence at the occasion was valued and appreciated by you.

Event photos

Happy newly married couple surrounded by their friends and family after the wedding ceremony.
Sharing the pictures taken by the official event photographer will allow all attendees to keep beautifully captured memories of a time to remember.

Celebrating is great, and often the focus on experiencing everything makes people forget to take photos. Therefore, sharing the photos of the event with your guests will be a pleasant surprise for them, as well as being a great way to relive special moments and immortalise the event experience.

Providing a URL to an online album or even sending a printed photo album can serve as a special and memorable gift, allowing guests to revisit those memories long after the event.

Contacting Absent Guests

Even with confirmation of presence, unforeseen events happen, and some guests may not attend the event. To show you’ve missed them, you can email those who were unable to join. By doing this, you would be showing you really care about that person and you’ve noticed their absence. This is a courteous way to maintain a relationship with your guest.

In the email, include highlights of the event so that the person can feel part of the celebration. At corporate events, sending the main highlights also helps to remember the brand and also allows networking to continue after the event.

Special offers for participants

For social events, gifting guests with vouchers for fine dining or luxury spa experiences provides a relaxing or gourmet experience, adding to the exclusivity of your event.

On the other hand, at corporate events, offering exclusive discounts or promotions for future services can be a great way to encourage new business and keep participants engaged.

By applying one or more of these actions, the post-event phase will transform your event into a memorable celebration, lasting in the memories of your guests.

Organising special post-event actions is an important and thorough task that requires skill and attention to detail. We at Hello Weddings & Events have a highly qualified and first-rate team to produce unforgettable events. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with making the event of your dreams come true.

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